December 2, 2023

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Spotify Wrapped Is Coming—Here’s How to Prepare If You’re an Artist

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Want to show love to your true fans (and make some bucks)? Now's the time to make videos, set up discounts, and get ready for the great merch surge.

Y’all excited for Christmas? Thanksgiving? What about Hanukkah? Here at VICE, there’s just one holiday we look forward to each year: whenever Spotify Wrapped finally comes out. Indeed, the only thing worth giving thanks for in this house is our own amazing taste in music, and the greatest gift of all is having our own listening habits presented back to us in a very *aesthetic* way. Truly, nothing is sweeter than the sound of one’s own name most-listened-to track of the year. This holiday season, don’t waste your money giving all your friends something they might actually want, like a beautiful new pizza oven; instead, you can constantly inspire them—for free!—by broadcasting your incredible taste in music for weeks on social media. They will thank you (and will definitely not be annoyed that you’re now putting up higher numbers than they are for Caroline Polachek, even though they introduced you to her before she blew up).

Anyway, this time of year is all very fun for the music enjoyers out there (holler if you heard me!), but what about the artists themselves? How do they get to participate in the sweet festivities of Spotify Wrapped season? Well, outside of the gratification of knowing other human beings are connecting with the art that comes out of the deepest and most vulnerable places in themselves, now, Spotify is letting artists record videos and offer other perks to connect with their Biggest Fans. Win-win! (For Spotify, at least.)

When Is Spotify Wrapped coming?

Spotify has not released the exact date that Wrapped will drop—but, artists should know that if you want to be featured in your top fans’ 2023 Wrapped experience, you need to upload a video message to your fans by November 15. In other words: Wrapped is basically imminent, but while fans wait, artists should make moves.

What artists should be doing to prepare for Spotify Wrapped 2023

Why should I record a video and hook fans up with discounts when I already made all this music for them that they get to listen to almost for free? you might be wondering. To thank them for helping me follow my dreams and for appreciating my art and message? No, dude! It’s because if people think you’re grateful that they’re listening, they’re wayyy more likely to spend their hard-earned moolah on your concert tickets, merch, and vinyls. At least that’s what the data suggests. According to Spotify, in 2022, Wrapped was its most successful week for merch sales ever. And this year, they’re allowing you to offer top fans a discount on gear with your name or band on it, so they can bring their Spotify Wrapped into Real Life™ and show everyone that they love your tunes. You can set up an exclusive discount code now so that the merch deals are white-hot when Wrapped drops in the next few weeks.

What if I’m an artist but I don’t have merch… yet?

No prob. Spotify is offering a discount code with Printful so you can get some sick longsleeves or snapbacks designed stat. Use the promo code 20WRAPPED to get $20 off your first Printful order; you can also set up a Shopify Starter plan for $5 a month to get selling right away.

Basically, Wrapped is dropping very, very soon—so get ready now

To prepare your artist profile for an onslaught of activity, Spotify recommends beefing it up in advance. Add your socials so you can gain even more clout and possibly get featured on TV or at the Grammys. Make a playlist of your own favorite 2023 tunes that you can share with fans. List your upcoming shows so people can come see the music they’ve already proven they enjoy. Some musicians here at VICE have earned dozens of dollars and multiple free beers from playing live shows, so we can tell you without reservation that every ticket counts.

RIP Narcissus, you would have loved Spotify Wrapped.

Learn more about how to make the most of Spotify Wrapped here.

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