State Dept. expects email back online later Monday – PCWorld

Washington Post
State Dept. expects email back online later Monday
The U.S. Department of State expects its main unclassified email system to be back in operation later Monday after security upgrades, but wider Internet access could take longer to get back online. The department, which says it fights off “thousands” of …
State Department takes network offline for security scrubCNET

State Dept. Shuts Down Email After Cyber AttackABC News
State Department upgrades network security against cyber attacksReuters
USA TODAY –San Francisco Chronicle –Tech Times
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Grand Ole Opry Celebrates 90th Anniversary

In 1925, Mount Rushmore was established, future First Lady Barbara Bush was born, and the theory of evolution went on trial in Tennessee. Also in Tennessee that year, on November 28th, to be exact, the Grand Ole Opry began broadcasting on Nashville’s powerful WSM radio. On Tuesday, March 24th, the…

Bigfoot: still imaginary, probably not an undiscovered species of bear – Washington Post
Bigfoot: still imaginary, probably not an undiscovered species of bear
Washington Post
Sorry, yeti fans: On Monday, researchers published further confirmation that yetis are not, in fact, some unknown and ancient species of bear that's running around the Himalayas. What? In case you missed it (as I did, apparently), in 2013, a group of …
Himalayan Yeti 'Mystery' Looks Even Less Mysterious, Scientists

Yeti Debate Swirls: Study Reveals Origin of Mysterious HairsLive Science
Yeti's a Bear, Say Scientists, But What Kind?Discovery News –Palm Beach Post –
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AdShare Expands To Provide YouTube Optimization To 14 Countries Worldwide

AdShare, a premier social media monetization service for music, film, television and sports rights-holders, has tripled its global reach, expanding their worldwide operations into 14 countries and territories. AdShare has spent the last year established itself as a leader in global social media monetization ensuring their clients’ creative content is…

Listen to the Full 2Pac Interview Kendrick Lamar Samples on ‘Mortal Man’

Kendrick Lamar’s second major label album, To Pimp a Butterfly, is still scheduled to come out next week, on March 23. However, last night (March 15), the album was briefly available for purchase and download via the iTunes store, meaning a huge faction of hip-hop fans are dissecting the 80-minute opus well before its street date. One of the more confounding parts of the record is the very end: “Mortal… Read more »

‘Google Feud’ Turns Autocomplete Into Fun Guessing Game – PC Magazine

Discovery News
'Google Feud' Turns Autocomplete Into Fun Guessing Game
PC Magazine
Care to pit your wits against "Google Feud," a clever variant of Family Feud using the autocomplete feature in Google searches? No need to get grilled by Steve Harvey—this game can be played from the comfort of your home and as an added bonus, you …
Play Google Feud if you'd guess 'I think my dad is Dracula'CNET

Someone Turned Google Autocomplete Into A Game Of 'Family Feud' And It Is Tech Times
Google Turns Search Suggestions into 'Family Feud'Discovery News
NBC 7 San Diego –Quartz –BGR
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The HypeON Hub Makes Sure You Don’t Miss a Beat at SXSW

Few things feed FOMO as much as the week of South by Southwest. If you’re not in Austin, watching hundreds of tweets roll in from as many different locations is enough to make your head spin, and leave you with the nagging sense that, as much as you’ve seen and read, you’re still missing something. This year, Mazda and Hype Hotel have made all that upkeep a bit easier. They’ve… Read more »

adidas to End Apparel Deal With the NBA After 2016-2017 Season

In a surprising move of events this morning, adidas announced that they will end their apparel partnership with the NBA after the 2016-2017 season. According to the Portland Business Journal, adidas decided not to renew their contract with the NBA after acquiring the partnership in 2006. The global basketball manager of the NBA spoke with the Portland Business Journal about the brand’s decision. “We haven’t been able to elevate our… Read more »