The Game Is Being Sued by the Cop He Punched

  The Game’s legal woes seem to be getting worse and worse. You might be aware that the Compton rapper was recently involved in an altercation at a pro-am basketball game in Hollywood, wherein he got involved in a fight with another player. Depending on whom you choose to believe, one side hurled death threats at the other, at least one punch was thrown and a trip to the locker… Read more »

Stanford’s aluminum battery fully charges in just one minute – Engadget

Stanford's aluminum battery fully charges in just one minute
Lithium-ion batteries have been a boon for the modern world — they've replaced the heavier, single-use alkaline type in everything from wristwatches to jumbo jets. Unfortunately, these rechargeable cells are already struggling to keep up with our …
New battery could reduce phone charging to just one minuteComputerworld

Stanford scientists offer promising new aluminum
Stanford Scientists Build Battery that Trumps Lithium-ion in Flexibility and Tech Void
Popular Mechanics
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Nintendo As A Service – TechCrunch

Nintendo As A Service
With the rise of iOS and Android, hundreds of millions of people have come to see mobile gaming as an activity done on their phones rather than a dedicated device. Portable consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita offer plenty of fun experiences …
Nintendo Jumping Into Mobile GamingHuffington Post

Nintendo's Wii U isn't the bomb you think it is, and here are the games to prove itBGR
Nintendo Direct April 2015 Highlights, Recap: Latest Announcements about New BREATHEcast

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Chuck Inglish Goes Old School in ‘Damage’ Video

Detroit is a dark place right now. The American auto industry, the city’s lifeblood for nearly a century, is now merely a decrepit,  maligned relic of the country’s past. Add the troubling crime, unemployment and homeless rates (not to mention actual city-wide bankruptcy), and Motown is no longer the hub it once was. Perhaps that’s why Chuck Inglish is hearkening back to a simpler time in his new video, “Damage.”… Read more »

Snapchat thinks its new emoji feature will change your life – Mashable

Snapchat thinks its new emoji feature will change your life
Snapchat's latest update replaces the stalker-ish "best friends" feature for a set of emoji only you can see. Image: Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg. 992887_10100438149207380_785804490_n. By JP Mangalindan 1 minute ago · Snapchat peeved users in January …
Snapchat Best Friends Are Back…As EmojisHuffington Post

Now only you will know who your Snapchat bestie isEngadget
Snapchat ditches best friend system for emojiTechnoBuffalo –Business Insider –Tech News Today
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Oddisee Wanders the Streets in ‘CounterClockwise’ Video

Oddisee doesn’t jump to conclusions. The rapper and producer is all about subtlety, all about patience, all about the kind of careful craftsmanship that has earned him a reputation as one of the finest hip-hop talents on the Eastern seaboard. In the video for “CounterClockwise,” the second single from his forthcoming The Good Fight, the D.C. native wanders aimlessly, a blank expression painted on his face. He looks equal parts scared,… Read more »

Here Are The Tour Dates For Mad Decent’s Block Party 2015

Following a successful run in 2014, Mad Decent has announced the dates for this summer’s Block Party Tour. Beginning in Atlanta on the final day of July, the tour will run through the United States and Canada before wrapping up in Chicago on Sept. 26. Last year’s Block Party Tour featured OutKast, Action Bronson, A$AP Ferg, Chance the Rapper, RiFF RAFF and more. This year’s lineup has not been released… Read more »

The Sexiest Wet T-Shirt Photos on Instagram

#beauty #brunette #wettshirt A photo posted by =Lynn= (@twolipsticksarebetterthanone) on Apr 4, 2015 at 7:00pm PDT With the weather getting warmer and hotter around the U.S., the wet T-Shirt contests are beginning to kick off in the Southern region of the States. As we await in the weeks to come for the competitions to start in the North and West Coast regions, we showcase some of the hottest images of… Read more »