December 2, 2023

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DeParris729 Breaking Barriers with Empire 45

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DeParris729 Breaking Barriers with Empire 45

Empire 45 Partnership

In a game-changing alliance, DeParris729 strategically aligns with Empire 45, marking a pivotal moment in their musical journey. This collaboration signifies a commitment to artistic growth and reaching new heights within the industry, promising a synergy that will redefine their trajectory.

Stage Domination at A3C Weekend

From A3C Weekend’s spotlight, DeParris729 emerges as a commanding force, leaving an indelible mark on the festival’s vibrant stage. Their magnetic stage presence and electrifying performances not only captivate audiences but also establish them as a standout artist poised for broader recognition.

Rip the Mic and Trapping from the Basement

Navigating the industry landscape, DeParris729 dominates platforms like Rip the Mic and Trapping from the Basement, solidifying their presence beyond the stage. These platforms serve as catalysts for their expanding fan base and contribute to the narrative of an artist steadily rising through the ranks.

ATL Takeover at Onyx and Aces of Clubs

Heading South, DeParris729 electrifies the ATL scene with unforgettable performances at iconic venues, Onyx and Aces of Clubs. The embrace from the Southern music scene not only signifies regional success but also positions DeParris729 as a cross-genre influencer, bridging gaps within the diverse world of hip-hop.

2K 24’s Soundtrack Recognition

In a notable milestone, DeParris729 secures a coveted spot on the 2K 24 soundtrack, amplifying their reach through the gaming community. This recognition extends their music’s reach beyond traditional avenues, tapping into a global audience and showcasing the versatility of their sound.

Hot 97 Acknowledgment: DJ Spazzo Takes Note

The influential DJ Spazzo at Hot 97 recognizes DeParris729’s unique sound, further propelling their music into the spotlight. This acknowledgment not only opens doors to broader radio play but also establishes DeParris729 as an artist catching the ear of industry tastemakers.

Club Resonance: Strip Clubs Echoing Their Latest Hit

The nightlife scene pulsates with the beats of DeParris729’s latest hit, making waves in strip clubs and creating a buzz around their evolving sound. This resonance within the club circuit contributes to their growing popularity and sets the stage for a dynamic interaction between the artist and their audience.

Upcoming Release: “Outlaw” featuring DJ Esudd

Anticipation builds as DeParris729 teases the release of “Outlaw,” a collaboration with the renowned DJ Esudd, promising a fresh and exciting musical chapter. This upcoming release generates intrigue, hinting at a fusion of styles that could potentially redefine the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop.

Revolutionizing 2024

As 2024 approaches, DeParris729 sets the stage for a musical revolution, gearing up to make a major impact and redefine the music landscape. With a strategic foundation laid in 2023, the artist envisions a year of innovation, growth, and groundbreaking releases, promising a musical journey that will resonate with audiences on a profound level.

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