Dame Dash and Kanye West Get Sued Over ‘Loisaidas’ Film

  Kanye West and Dame Dash have been spending more time together lately; unfortunately for them, it seems they might be spending even more around lawyers and judges. According to a TMZ report, the pair are being sued by a Latin music duo based in New York who allege that West and Dash’s film, Loisaidas, infringes on and devalues their name. Michael Medina, one of the group’s members, claims that the film… Read more »

Waka Flocka Flame Makes a Video With Pornhub for ‘Bust’

Waka Flame is one tricky individual. It was previously reported that Waka might be in a sex tape without his consent. Today fans found out that the “sex tape” is actually a music video he made in conjunction with Pornhub for “Bust.” The EDM-heavy single is for promotion for his latest mixtape Salute Me Or Shoot Me 5, which dropped today. So basically the whole sex tape rumor was an elaborate… Read more »