Listen to Lil Wayne, “Off The Rip (Remix)” and “Hot Boy (Remix)”

Getty Images While fans wait for the Free Weezy Album, or any project from Lil Wayne for that matter, the New Orleans rapper sprinkles the game with some new loose tracks in the form of remixes. Tune hops on French Montana’s “Off the Rip” and adds some heat to Bankroll Fresh’s “Hot Boy” still sounding hungry ass he rips through each 16. These are off DJ Stevie J’s new 38-track… Read more »

Ex-Fiancé of Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal Made Rap Songs About Their Love

The Rachel Dolezal story is quite frankly the most fascinating news of 2015 so far. Today, it just got more strange. Her ex-fiancé, Maurice Turner, made a rap song titled “For the Rest of My Life” in 2013 to celebrate their marriage. He also made another song previously before that titled “Dreamgirl Slideshow” in 2012. On ”For the Rest of My Life” the former lover raps, “I never thought it would… Read more »

XXL’s Songs of the Week (June 6 – June 12)

  It’s easy to trace a year by the event albums, by the A$AP Rockys, by the Kendrick Lamars. Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson can dominate one news cycle, Surf the next. But this week in hip-hop was somewhat of an aberration, where the best singles came mostly from hungry up-and-comers bubbling just under the radar. The highest profile collaboration on this list actually pairs the 2010s’ most consistent rap star with… Read more »