February 24, 2024

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Brian McKnight Jr. reacted to his father's name change to "exactly match" his infant son's name. Social media dragged the "diabolical" dad.

Suspected supervillain Brian McKnight really started back at one by bizarrely changing his name to match his infant son’s, seemingly to spite his older son, Brian McKnight Jr., again.

Source: Tibrina Hobson / Getty

Briant McKnight going out of his way to publicly disown his Black children was cringeworthy, but wait, there’s more! The former heartthrob is back with a new cruel and unusual way to taunt his older offspring.

Social media is currently dragging Brian McKnight for legally changing his name after a failed attempt to recycle “Brian McKnight Jr.” for his youngest son.

Not only that, but the original Brian McKnight Jr. is clapping back at the trifling “trolling” by his dad who seemingly wants to erase him from his legacy.

On Friday, the cold-blooded crooner took to Instagram to introduce his baby boy and new name.

“So proud to introduce our son 🤍BRIAN KAINOA MAKOA JR. 🤍 to the world with the release of my new album lovingly created for him,” he wrote.

“JR. because I am also proud to officially announce that I have legally changed my name to exactly match my legacy’s. My legal name is now BRIAN KAINOA MAKOA MCKNIGHT SR.,” he revealed with paternal pettiness.

The singer continued to rub salt in the wound with more “namesake” shadiness.

“MCKNIGHTtime LULLABIES the songs of a father to his namesake available now!” he continued, adding the heavy-handed hashtags #babybrian #mylegacy #junior #briankainoamakoaSR and #familyfirst.


This isn’t the first time social media sleuths put the feuding father on blast. As BOSSIP previously reported, the internet recently “diabolical deadbeat” dragged Brian McKnight for using posts about his new family against his old one.

In addition to erasing Brian Jr. to claim baby boy Brian as his namesake, he used his stepkids for some similar shade. The “Ready To Learn” singer praised his stepdaughter for making him a “girl dad.” He acted like he didn’t have a biological daughter named Briana McKnight. Both young women attended the same university at the same time, but he only gave one acknowledgment and a new car.

Brian Jr. and Briana speaking out about alleged abandonment seemed to be a turning point in their estranged relationships. Now, Brian Jr. is clapping back again about his flip-flopping father changing his name.

Check out Brian McKnight Jr. blasting his father’s “obscene level of self-hate” after the flip!

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