The Games Gives Vital Advice To Young Rappers

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The Game has seen a lot throughout his life and career as a rapper. The Compton, CA native came into the music game in 2005. He quickly became a hit-maker with early mainstream success with the support of 50 Cent & G-Unit, Dr. Dre and Aftermath. As a veteran rapper, he understands more than a number of young rappers entering thee rap game today.

The “Dreams” rapper took to Twitter recently to offer some sound advice to warn many up-and-coming artists in the game.

“Young rap ni**as, stop showing off all ya money on social media… for every dollar you floss it’s a hood ni**a out there loading a clip for you…. #iBeenWhereYouatAndSurvived”

In the height of the digital age, many people take a liking to flexing on social media. While there is no problem with being proud of your success or riches, the world breeds of jealousy and envy. Therefore, an envious thought can lead to the downfall and sometimes untimely passings. Hip-Hop has lost a number of young rappers over the past few years including Pop Smoke, King Von, XXXTentacion and more. Those three lives came at the hands of gun violence. At the root of the violence, there was some envy that played a vital role as a motive.

The Game has experience life before his rap career as well as at the height of his career. Now he is living as a veteran in Hip-Hop. Because he has seen a number of people come and go, he is willing to help in any way to assure death in Hip-Hop comes to an end.

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