Bee Pollen is Full of Pesticides Like Mosquito-Repellants – Newsweek


Bee Pollen is Full of Pesticides Like Mosquito-Repellants
Bees that live next to corn and soybean fields spend only a minority of their time feeding on these crop plants; instead, they mostly seek out pollen from flowering weeds, trees and gardens nearby. In the course of their foraging, they are exposed to a …
Alarming number of pesticides found in honeybee

Honeybees pick up 'astonishing' number of pesticides via non-crop plantsScience Codex
Honeybees pick up pesticides from non-crop plants, –Northeast Indiana Public Radio –The Australian
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OEM software update tools preloaded on PCs are a security mess – PCWorld


OEM software update tools preloaded on PCs are a security mess
Serious vulnerabilities have crept into the software tools that PC manufacturers preload on Windows computers, but the full extent of the problem is much worse than previously thought. Researchers from security firm Duo Security have tested the
Unbox your laptop, and say hello to security risksCNET

Your big-name PC may have a security flaw in its update softwareEngadget
Millions of PCs ship with bloatware riddled with security flaws, say researchersZDNet
Yahoo News –The Register –Threatpost –WIRED
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Monday’s Thunder/Warriors Game 7 Was the Highest-Rated NBA Game in Cable History

Last night’s Game 7 produced only one Western Conference champion, but there was certainly another winner: the NBA. Turner Sports confirmed today that Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors was the highest-rated game in cable TV history. The match-up between two of the league’s most […]

9th Wonder Drops 36-Track Beat Tape, ‘ZION’

9th Wonder is giving fans a reason to smile as they return to work after the long weekend. In a surprise move, one-third of the Jamla commision has released a 36 track beat tape, which features every beat he’s made over the last few years— finished, unfinished and some of his favorites. In an exclusive […]

John Cena Receives An Interesting “Welcome Back” Present During His WWE Raw Return

Yesterday [Monday, May 30] was a major day to pay tribute to fallen soldiers (Memorial Day) while celebrating the return of one of wrestling’s hottest superstars. Last night during a live telecast of WWE Raw, John Cena made his return to action since his surprising cameo at Wrestlemania 32, when he helped The Rock fight […]

Deadly Fungus Threatens Salamander Population – ValueWalk


Deadly Fungus Threatens Salamander Population
North America is home to 190 of the world's 655 identified salamander species and while they have avoided a deadly fungus that has ravaged the salamander population in Europe, Evan Grant and other wildlife biologists fear its arrival to our shores.
Salamander Populations In Danger Due To Threats Of Deadly Fungal DiseaseHeadlines & Global News

How, and Why, to Hunt the Red-Spotted NewtNew York Times
Saving salamanders, searching for signs of a deadly fungusWMUR Manchester
Modern Readers
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Asteroids ‘dumped water into molten Moon’ – BBC News

BBC News

Asteroids 'dumped water into molten Moon'
BBC News
A smattering of water is buried deep inside the Moon and it arrived during the satellite's very early history, a new study concludes, when asteroids plunged into its churning magma oceans. How and when water got trapped in volcanic lunar rocks is a
A new, water-logged history of the MoonPhys.Org

The Moon's water may have come mostly from asteroids, not cometsThe Verge
Asteroids, Not Comets, Brought Bulk Of Moon's WaterPopular Science
Raw Story –ABC Online –Daily Mail –The Guardian
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Vendini Raises $20M For Ticketing, Event Management Solutions

Ticketing and event management solutions provider Vendini today announced that it had received $20 million in Series A funding from New York City-based private investment firm Level Equity. Vendini targets mid-range live event organizations that have been historically underserved, because they are they are either too small for big-name ticketing…

Millions Of Musicians Affected As MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn Hacked, Sensitive Data For Sale Online

Most musicians have forgotten that they ever had a MySpace account, much less remember the password. Millions more use Tumblr as a blogging platform and LinkedIn for business contacts. Now, hundreds of millions of hacked account details from all three are being advertised for sale online. _________________________________________________________ Sensitive data from…