The Things We Learn in Sports June 20th-June 27th

This week in sports shows that building a team isn’t decided on one night. The NBA draft was held on Thursday night giving some teams the ability to land the building blocks of a championship contender. Others took players considered “projects” and will have to be developed for a year or two. The draft highlights the moments in The Things We Learn in Sports for this week.

7. Fake it till you make it.

Connor Toole of Elite Daily was able to become a boss with a Utah Jazz snapback. The 6’10 reporter was able to convince a whole bunch of people that he was drafted in the NBA last night. To be fair if you saw a tall guy, in a suit, wearing a NBA hat, and telling you he got drafted, you probably going to believe him. Watch the video of Toole becoming a legend.

6. No Body Let Things Die 

NBA Rookies are learning that the internet doesn’t forget. After being drafted Larry Nance Jr. and Bobby Portis understood that people with no lives will go back years to find a tweet you said to troll you. Back in 2012 Nance tweeted out a shot at Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant about his alleged raped back in 2005. Nance was just drafted by the Lakers with the 27th overall pick.

According to ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, the Lakers knew about the tweet before drafting Nance. General manager Mitch Kupchak said it’s between Nance and Bryant to work things out.

Portis case isn’t as serious, but might be harder to explain. The former Arkansas Razorback was critical of Bulls’ guard Derrick Rose and forward Paul Gasol. He was drafted to the Bulls with the 22nd overall pick.

Welcome to the NBA guys.

5. Money doesn’t change you, it enhances who you are. 

Former NFL lineman Warren Sapp has been charged in a domestic violence case. TMZ Sports are reporting that the 42-year-old vet is ”accused of getting into a physical altercation with a woman in a casino on April 28.”

On June 25, TMZ Sports reported he is accused of biting the alleged victim’s finger, stepping on her head and throwing a margarita in her face.

At what point does Sapp get his man card revoked. This comes after Sapp was fired from his job at the NFL Network for the prostitute he solicited over Super Bowl weekend. Sapp, go to church man.

4. Stephen Curry needs to chill 

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has the best shooting and ball-handling of all-time. He can dance on you like Iverson, and be able to shoot you out the gym like Miller. The one knock on his game could be his lack of athleticism. Might need to check that last one off the list. At a basketball camp in Pebble Beach, Curry threw down a dunk you have to see to believe. Seems like everything is happening right for the reigning league MVP.

3. Russell Wilson wants to be paid like the man

Reports are that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is looking to become the highest paid player in the NFL. According to Bleacher Reports Jason Cole, Wilson is looking for 130 million dollar contract, which would be about 10 million more then what Green Bay Packers signal caller Aaron Rodgers is making. See Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless of ESPN First Take, debate how much Wilson is truly worth.

2. Carmelo is acting so mellow

The New York Knicks decided to take what many believe to be a “project” player in Kristaps Porzingis. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reported that in a Melo is unhappy with the Phil Jackson for selecting a player that can’t help immediately.

Melo then tried to clear the air by tweeting out the most random thought in the history of twitter.

This season the Knicks will try to improve on their franchise worst 17 wins a seaon ago.

1. It was a easy as 1, 2, 3,

The Timberwolves waited for about 3 weeks to make the decision that everyone in their sleep knew was going to happen, by drafting Karl-Anthony Towns. The Lakers make a bit of a splash in drafting Ohio State guard D’Angelo Russell with the 2nd overall pick in the draft. That left Philly to take big man Jahlil Okafor with the 3rd pick in the draft. The draft seem to step-up a great off-season, as free agency begins on July 1st.