Fresh off of his Paradise Plus NYC art show, ZEXOR WTO offers up the final chapter of his exclusive “Off The Wall” interview What are some of the other methods and strategies you’ve picked up and would offer to begnner bombers?

ZEXOR WTO: I would tell anybody to paint by themselves. I don’t advise lookouts. Lookouts are actually way more hotter than not having a lookout. I tend to blend in more with the background. I just look like some weirdo. There’s this guy named LES that used to paint back in the days. A lot of people don’t like him and I guess I’m kind of in the same boat. He would tell me, “You just look drunk. Just fake throwing up when you’re doing your throw-up and they’ll never suspect you doing graffiti because you just look like a bum,” and usually that works. It shouldn’t be a set time. When you set time and set things up, it really doesn’t go as planned. I heard a wild story of your pops tying up a security guard in the train yard and still went painting after he tied him up. Now if you can beat that, give me your wildest bombing story.

ZEXOR WTO: It’s too many stories. I’ve had some fucking crazy stories. OK. Here’s a DG(RIP) story. I was DG’s house the whole night doing mad blow getting high as fuck. TOPER was there and he was getting dusted and ended up passing the fuck out. DG all of a sudden was just like, “I need to go paint.” This was actually the first time I rocked a piece, so it’s mad crazy. It’s like 8 o’clock in the morning…rush hour on a Monday. We go to Forest Station on the M Line, hop on the tracks during rush hour and the train just left, so the whole station is packed. Once we walked into the tracks, there was a roof about 75 feet into the tracks. He rocked his piece, he rocked a piece for my pops and then I rocked my own shit. We was on that roof at least two hours. He was just like, “Yo, your shit looks fuckin’ ugly!” Cursing me out and just going off on me. This is like my uncle, mind you. That was my pops’ best friend. From that day, I got better and he’s the reason I would bomb in front of people in broad daylight. I don’t think we ever bombed in the night time. RIP DG, man.


-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)