Lupe Fiasco Hints at Upcoming EP

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Tetsuo & Youth dropped in January and it appears Lupe Fiasco already has another project on deck. The Chicago lyricists recently uploaded two photos to his Instagram account that appear to be a album cover and track list to a previously unannounced project.

The name of the project appears to be Pharaoh Height 2/30. The cover shows a pixelated image of an Egyptian Pharaoh. The track list contains five songs. Lu appears to be following up on a nearly nine-year-old mixtape series. Previous to releasing his debut Food and Liquor in 2006, Fiasco self-released three projects titled, Fahrenheit 1/15 Part I: The Truth Is Among Us, Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge Of The Nerds and Fahrenheit 1/15 Part III: A Rhyming Ape.

Lu recently made news on social media after penning a lengthy open letter to White supremacy. Preceded by the tragic Charleston Church Massacre, Lupe ripped idea White power posting, “White Supremacy has to validate it’s own identity based solely on its relationship to other races! I mean now that’s what I would call joined at the hip. Without us there is no white supremacy because there would be nothing to be supreme over! That sounds so stupid but sometimes the truth is stupid.”

Judging by the song titles and cover, it appears Lu will be getting pretty deep on this project.

Check out the purported cover and track list, below.

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

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