Another Black-American Church Goes Up In Flames

Another African-American church, now in South Carolina, goes up in flames and the FBI is investigating the cause

The Pastor of Glover Grove Baptist Church remains heartbroken by the loss of his church that has been a place of worship for some of Aiken County’s African–American residents for some time. Located in Warrenville, South Carolina, the predominately African-American church went up in flames on Friday morning at 3:26 a.m. 

By the time the police were called out to the church, the fire had already done its vicious damage. Lois Jones the wife of Pastor Bobby Jones who presides over Glover Grove Baptist church cried,

At first I thought I was dreaming. I went and opened the door and said, ‘Oh my God the church is on fire!’…”

“33 years gone down the drain,” said teary-eyed Pastor Jones to WFXG news. “It’s just a funny feeling and a teary feeling.”

The FBI and Aiken County Sheriff office are investigating the fire and officials do not want to jump to conclusions saying the fire could be the result of foul play or electrical problems, but the church’s Deacon finds that hard to believe.

The pastor is a licensed electrician and we never had electrical problems before. The timing of the fire seemed strange.”
-Deacon Angilus Williams

-Abesi Manyando (@abesipr)