Music Supervision For The Second Screen

Marketing+Power+of+Music+EBook_CoverThe way we listen to music has changed over the years. But has it become background noise to our television watching? In today’s article, we explore how this has changed throughout the world of television on


The way we engage has drastically changed over the past decade. There was a point where television was our main source of entertainment and information. Now, we get information and entertainment from a variety of places. Music Supervisors, those who oversee music in television, have a difficult task before them in this era. How do you keep the idea of music in television fresh when there are so many ways to consume it? The people of have interviewed the best in the business to get their take on the issue. 

Until recently, music was used as a massive medium to dictate the tone and mood of a show. That basic sentiment has not changed. However, the approach has drastically changed due to our instant ADD culture. Because we consume things at such an alarming rate, music supervisors have to change their approach in dealing with consumers listening to their music in new and exciting ways. Check out the interviews with some of the best music supervisors in the music industry on 

“Interacting with other fans, researching background info on the characters, playing mobile games, watching behind-the-scenes interviews: welcome to the new normal. Could music be an overlooked asset that is being underutilized as tv shows contend for engagement? We spoke with a few forward-thinking supervisors that think so.”

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