MC Lyte Talks ‘Legend’ Album, State of Hip Hop, and Longevity

Being a Legend is no easy feat, but when you’re MC Lyte, racking up career milestones is nothing new.

Critically acclaimed albums, a rock-solid foundation built on morals, true talent and grit, topped with accolades one would only wish to achieve is a cake-walk for the Lyte, who continues to serve the community with timeless music and philanthropic efforts.

Not one to only be confined to music, the “I Am the Lyte” singer, born Lana Moorer, currently sits on Dillard University’s Board of Trustees, a feat unheard of in the hip hop community. The 44-year-old also has her own mobile app, where her fans can keep up with her latest news, stream her music and stay connected.

The Source caught up with the Brooklyn native as she dished on her foundation, her mobile-app, and what she thinks is missing in hip hop today.

– Angela (@SheisAngela)

What was the inspiration behind your foundation, Hip Hop Sisters?

To give back and pay it forward all at the same time. The foundation is aimed at redefining the essence of your girls and women through Hip Hop, Inspiration, Education and Financial Literacy.

Congratulations on your role at Dillard University on the Board of Trustees! Describe what your responsibilities are and how this position has changed your life. Also, what do you hope to accomplish with this new role?

Thank you : ). I help with the decision making process that inevitably affects the student body. I hope to bring a voice that enhances the already robust board of trustees. I am there to learn as well share any knowledge and utilize critical thinking for solutions.

You also give away three scholarships to men of color each year. What inspired you to give back?

Lynn Richardson, our Hip Hop Sisters Foundation president and I visited the Hip Hop Prez at Dillard and learned about the lack of men on campus. Immediately Lynn’s brain kicked into gear and we began to build the initiative.

Describe the MC Lyte Mobile App and how this came about.

Ahhh quite easy. Reverbnation provides the tools for the app. Showcases pics, video and tour schedules while streaming music. The last week of June the Legend album will stream on the MC Lyte App.

In your opinion, what is missing in hip hop music today?

Balance and a love for all kinds of Hip Hop. What’s wrong is we as hip hop fans should look to support and find new releases. Outside of that, it’s growing and put so many people to work it’s hard to be angry when I see people doing what they love.

What has been your secret to longevity in the music industry?

Wanting to inspire by any means. Realness. No gimmicks. My love for the people and allowing God to use me as a vessel to show others what dreams and hard work can create.

I know you just released LEGEND in April of this year but are there any future plans or thoughts concerning new music in the future?

Stay making music. I love it too much to stop.

When you are considered a LEGEND, like yourself, who do you get your motivation from or look up to now?

I listen to quite a few heads in Hip Hop. Kendrick, Kanye, Drake and a bunch of others. I love Hip Hop and I love artist pushing the limits. Now if only they can add the love and understand how powerful their words are and how they have the capacity to uplift communities all over the world. Let’s GO!!

Photo credit: Getty Images