Pentagon War Manual Says That Some Journalists Labeled As Enemy Combatants

The Dept. Of Defense has rewritten its “law of war” manual and included “belligerent” journalists as potential targets

According to a book rereleased by the Pentagon for all military branches, journalists can now be labeled as “unprivileged belligerents” that can be treated the same as a military soldier.

The Department Of Defense Law Of War Manual details the methods used to take out enemies, which happens to include a separate section on journalists and why they can be considered “unprivileged belligerents”. This term replaces the George W. Bush-era term “unlawful enemy combatants”.

In the almost 1,200 page manual, it states,

“In general, journalists are civilians. However, journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons authorized to accompany the armed forces, or unprivileged belligerents…”

Before now, all of the branches of military were responsible for writing and documenting their own rules of engagement, which, of course, did not mention journalists as possible traitors.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)