Do music industry jobseekers need a personal website?

ImagesThere is a wide range of jobs across the spectrum of the music industry? But how exactly do you get one of those coveted jobs? Check out today’s article to find out! 


The music industry is unique in the fact that it is a tough business to break into. There is networking and personal branding and learning useful skills that will take you to the next level of your career. But do you need a personal website to display all of your amazing talent? According to today’s article, David Reeves suggests that you do. 

Getting a website together is simple these days with the vast majority of resources are available. There are many sites that are available to assist you in pulling together a host and design template. More importantly, you need to choose your best work that can be put on display for the world (including potential employers) will see. For more tips on building a personal website for your work, check out David Reeve’s article on 

“It is well known that the music job market is hyper-competitive, so it is absolutely essential that you do everything you can to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other applicants.  One fairly simple way to do this is to create a personal website. The industry is forward thinking and creative in it’s nature and so a CV on 2 sides of A4 is no longer going to cut through in most cases. Musicians, bands, producers, sound engineers and other creative professionals in the industry are way ahead in this regard, an online presence being nearly ubiquitous and essential in these fields. Yet there are many professionals in the wider industry who still rely on the traditional CV.”

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