Kendrick Lamar Praises Lil Wayne and Lil B for Being Influential Rappers


Kendrick Lamar, who isnt an avid Twitter user, recently took to his account to heap praise on Lil Wayne and Lil B calling them the two most inspiring MCs in the game when it comes to swagging on screen. “Thank you BasedGod,” he typed. “Teaching us all how to swagg in videos. You and Wayne most influential. Thank you BasedGod.”

With nearly 40 solo music videos and almost 100 feature appearances in videos as well, Weezy has plenty of footage for Lamar to grab inspiration from. And Lil B’s B-Movie-esque productions have surely spawned some dope moments including the presentation of his now famous “cooking dance.”

K. Dot might have another point about the former Pack member. Aside from music, the Cali rapper has been spreading his influence by moonlighting as a lecturer having talked to students all over the country at institutions of higher learning that include New York University, UCLA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University.

Lamar also could be stroking Lil B’s ego because he doesn’t want any parts of the uncontrollable, Based God Curse which has seemed to affect anyone it has been cast upon including Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Either way, we aint mad.

Speaking of videos, Kendrick should be dropping the visual for the single “Alright” soon as he was spotted taping the treatment late last month.

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