Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Re-Unite in Trailer for ‘Daddy’s Home’

Ferrell and Wahlberg compete for their kids’ love in new film

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell have brought some of Hollywood’s funniest moments to the big screen, and together they’re almost infallible. Whether it’s Step Brothers or their cop dramedy, The Other Guys, Ferhlberg bring the side-grabbing laughs every time.

Daddy’s Home appears to be no different, as Ferrell plays an upstanding step-dad who has to compete to be the apple of his step-children’s eye once their biological father (Mark Wahlberg) returns in all his spontaneous, adventurous, and slicked-back hair glory. You can watch the trailer above.

Sidebar: remember when Will Ferrell was “escorted” out of a New Orleans Pelicans game because he hit a cheerleader in the head with a basketball at point blank range? And it was revealed that he wasn’t actually thrown out, he was in the middle of filming a movie? This is that movie, and that moment is actually captured towards the end o the trailer.