The Things We Learn In Sports June 13th – June 19th

Championships drive this week in sports as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games to win the NBA championship. Andre Iguodala, who didn’t start a single game during the regular season, changed the series after being inserted into the starting lineup. With his timely shooting and defense on Lebron James, he was rewarded with the Bill Russell most valuable award for the finals. The win ended a 40 year drought for the fans out in the Bay area, while Cleveland fans are still searching for their first.  A little basketball, with some baseball scandals, mixed in with some internet fun gives you the things we learn in sports for this week.

7. Clint Dempsey on some boss moves

In the 113th minute, Sounders midfielder Michael Azira was also hit with a red card for an elbow to the face of forward Gaston Fernandez and Dempsey angrily protested, proceeding toward referee Daniel Radford, taking a notebook from his hands. According to U.S. Soccer Federation policy, damage to a referee’s uniform or personal property would result in a 3 month ban. Don’t be messing with the refs pockets kid.

6. Pablo Sandoval got caught slipping

The Boston Red Sox benched third baseman Pablo Sandoval  on Thursday for using Instagram during Wednesday night’s 5-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves.’s Ian Browne tweeted the news, adding that Sandoval admitted to “liking” photos of a woman on Instagram during the game:

This is what we call the slip up. Sandoval signed a 5 year/95 million dollar deal in the off-season and he out here given inta-model hope. Sandoval clearly didn’t see the type of mind games he just played on that girl picture. Just look at the what LeBron James did to Josett Latrice . Why do you give these hoes life?

5. Meet Wide Receiver Terrell Pryor

Pryor cut by Bengals


Terrelle Pryor has been released for the second time this season. The Cincinnati Bengals cut Pryor on Thursday after reports of his struggles during mini-camp.  This is after Pryor was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this month. Now, Pryor’s agent Drew Rosenhaus is informing teams Pryor is changing positions to wide receiver, according to Pro Football Talk. Pryor had never really was able to have the success in the NFL that he achieved in college. This move seems to be the only way he can save his career.

4. Cari Champion is moving on to SportsCenter

Cari Champion is now the former host of the hit tv show ESPN First Take as she received a promotion to be an anchor on SportsCenter. Champion will begin her morning “SportsCenter” duties in mid-July and will take part in a series of “interactions” about sports and entertainment with the crew at “Good Morning America,” which airs on ESPN sister station ABC.

This seems to be a good move for Champion, but the show will just have a different look to it now as she will no longer be able to control Skip Bayless, or Stephen A. Smith.

3. David Blatts says that this is my house

The Cleveland Cavaliers have to still be feeling the sting of losing the NBA Finals in six games to the Golden State Warriors.  David Griffin and head coach David Blatt promoted the positive direction the team headed after a mid-season roster overhaul on Thursday. The meeting also reassured that coach Blatt will remain the coach of the team.

There were also question of his relationship with Lebron James. ESPN’s Marc Stein has a report of the lack of respect that James seems to his head coach.

2.A-Rod gets his milestone and no love

Alex Rodriguez got his 3,000th hit off off Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Justin Verlander.  The New York Yankees slugger became just the 29th player in MLB history to reach that milestone. Even with this great achievement, the New York Post didn’t waste time to point out what might of help Rodriguez achieve this milestone.

Rodriguez has been painted as a villain coming into this season after serving a yearlong suspension due to PEDs. Yet he has been the Yankees’ best player so far, and needs to be for them to compete.

1. The Champs are here

The Golden State Warriors are the 2014-2015 NBA champs. This is their first championship in 40 years. They were able to bring the world title to the bay area by shooting the long ball. Only thing left for them to do is to get Lil B a rap career.

King Jut (@KingJut92)