The Songwriters Hall of Fame Hosts Its Annual Ceremony

Some big stars like Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett attended this ceremony

On June 18, 2015, the Songwriters Hall of Fame’s 46th Induction Ceremony and Awards Gala took place at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel.  This year’s inductees to this hall of fame included Bobby Braddock, Robert Hunter, Toby Keith, Cyndi Lauper, and Linda Perry.  Along with that, the first ever Contemporary Icon Award was given to Lady Gaga to celebrate her as a singer and songwriter who has achieved an iconic status within today’s pop culture. The Jonny Mercer Award was presented to Van Morrison and FUN’s Nate Ruess received the Hal David Starlight Award.  ASCAP CEO John A. Lofrumento also received the Visionary Leadership Award.  Other presenters and performers who attended this event was Tony Bennet, Benny Blanco, Zac Brown, Michael Buble, Carly Rae Jepsen, Dr. John, Ledisi, Ne-Yo, Jennifer Nettles, Mike O’Neill, Richie Sambora, Bernie Taupin, and Paul Williams.


Jennifer Nettles:

Q:  Being such a great songwriter, what is your songwriting process like and what would be your favorite song that you have written?

A:  Well, first of all, I will go backwards.  My favorite song is hard to say because they are all different and people describe them as children and rightfully so.  It is a creation that comes that is part you and part something in the ether and so each one feels super, super special.  The specific ones that have done super well for me in my career are ‘Stay’ being one in particular was my first Grammy as a songwriter that I received.  So that was really special for me to receive that kind of validation.  But my process is different every time.  Sometimes it a lyric that will come and inspire a whole story, sometimes I sit down and the whole thing comes at one time, and sometimes I have to sit with someone else and volley and do a co-write which is also a very fun experience for me.  So each one is different; sometimes music, sometimes lyrics, they are all unique.


Carly Rae Jepsen:


Q:  What is your songwriting process like?

A:  Yeah, to be honest it’s always different.  It depends on the song, it depends on the room, if you’re doing a collaborative thing; some people like to go at it with all the melodies first and bring in the lyrics later.  When I’m writing solo and on my own it comes from a place of natural inspiration so I will get a word or a melody syncing together and it is just one little line and then I will start chipping away at I over the weeks.


Q:  And what is one of your favorite songs that you have written?

A:  I don’t know if anyone has ever asked me that before.  I think it’s hard to say.  Maybe a song called ‘Black Heart.’


Bobby Braddock:

Q:  What is it like for you to be at this event tonight?

A:  I am surprised.  I wasn’t really expecting it and it is just an honor to be one of the country cousins that gets in here once in a while.


Q:  And you are such a big songwriter having written so many great hits, so what is your songwriting process like?

A:  The most important part is getting that idea that gets me fired up and makes me want to run to my keyboard and start writing something.


Q:  And what is your favorite song that you have written?

A:  My favorite song that was a hit, I mean I have had bigger songs but this one is number one for three or four weeks, is Tracy Lawrence’s ‘Time Marches On.’


Q:  And any projects that you are working on that you would like to share?

A:  I have a book called, ‘Bobby Braddock: A Life on Nashville’s Music Row’ that will be in stores in about three months.  And I just got through producing an R&B album.


-Vinesh Vora