Taraji P. Henson Hospitalized on Friday, Says She Was “Doing Too Much”

Don’t worry, Cookie is okay

Friday evening, via an Instagarm post, news broke that Taraji P. Henson had been hospitalized from what looks like a bout of exhaustion, judging from her caption.

taraji hospital

God has a way of saying “you’re doing too much!” “SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE”. I’m listening Father!!! I am taking several seats!!! Don’t worry y’all I’m a tough cookie! HA! I will be just fine. My momma and best friends are flying in to check on me. I AM FINE!!!!!!! Just need to SAT ALL THE WAY DOWN for a bit. #listentoyourbody

She appears to be in good spirits, so there doesn’t appear to be much to worry about here. Take it easy “Cookie.” Speaking of which, after ridiculous cancellation rumors, Empire, the FOX drama Henson stars in with Terrence Howard, is set to return for Season 2 on September 23. Can’t wait.