Watch Chris Brown’s & Tyga’s “B*****s & Marijuana” Video, Featuring ScHoolboy Q, Introducing KandyPens

Kandy Pens enters the vape pen game with a strong opening statement

Earlier today, Chris Brown and Tyga released their “B*****s and Marijuana” video, featuring ScHoolboy Q, with the Chris Brown and Tyga bravado that we’ve come to expect from their two projects, Fan of a Fan and Fan of a Fan: The Album. However, there was something quite different about this particular video: the appearance of a sleek new vape pen, Kandy Pens, helping to add the modern tech element to the smoking game.

In a world where vape pens are becoming increasingly popular, Kandy Pens is introducing itself as a multi-faceted asset to the modern-day smoker, with vape pens that can handle not only oils/waxes, but tobacco, among other things. There’s a good chance it ends up being the hottest thing in the streets before summer’s end.

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