Say Word! DJ Rhude Presents NAZ: The Flyest Essence Feat Nas & AZ

Now if this isn’t some sh*t we’ve been waiting for…..

With unquestionable chemistry in the booth, I, along with  many, still remain baffled as to why there isn’t a full Nas and AZ album.  Throughout the years, fans have practically begged for such project and unfortunately, it has yet to happen.   However, yesterday DJ Rhude decided it was time to bless the people with a concept that’s crossed the minds of many hip-hop heads all over the world.  What would a Nas & AZ album sound like?

Naz: The Flyest Essence was created to essentially provide you with an idea of how an album between the two could sound.  With fine production from The Alchemist, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Sid Roams, Midi Mafia, Salaam Remi and many more, I’d say you’re in for a good listen, without question.

If you feel it, let us know, RT and hit us up!