Man Sleeps with Dog Because His Wife Gives it Too Much Attention

Yeah, because this is how you get even with your wife in a relationship

Men do the craziest things when they’re jealous, but this guy may have taken it to a new level.

According to the NY Daily News, an Alabama Man, Jonathan Medley, was caught by his wife having sex with her 2-year old…dog. Why? Because his wife was giving her little shih tzu too much attention.

The interesting part of this bizarre story, is Medley’s wife did in fact already believe that her husband was having an affair, so she hid a recording device in her house, which eventually revealed to her that her dog was being molested by her husband.  The poor animal is currently recovering.

In Alabama, molesting your wife’s dog out of jealousy is only a misdemeanor, so Medley will pretty much get off scot-free. He’ll probably enjoy his slap-on-the-wrist sentence as a soon-to-be divorced man, however.