Riff Raff Says Justin Bieber Is on His Album

RiFF RAFF was supposed to drop two new albums at the top of the month but it seems he’s waiting on a few big name guests to get their verses in before he gives Peach Panther and Purple Panther to the people. While walking out of a trendy Los Angeles spot with a few women by his side, the Neon Icon was stopped by TMZ cameras who got the scoop on his upcoming album.

“I’ve been working on that big album, Peach Panther,” said the eccentric MC. “Drake might come through, Wayne, Weezy, I already got Bieber on the album.”

Peach Panther was announced by Raff last December in a lengthy Instagram post where he declared that Peach Panther would be “neon rap album with Riff RAff on the hooks and no features except for Jody Husky.” The Houston native also said that he would be releasing a rock album called Purple Panther which he described as “the new neon rock album with all live instruments and featuring my new neon drummer who will be color coordinated in white and neon and have white hair with neon green highlights and my electric guitar player will have all black on with black hair and aqua highlights and candy aquaberry guitar and she looks like a Hot Topic commercial with black and neon nails and cranking tunes from the underworld.”

The bizzare post continued with, “They are both super skilled artist [sic] who are about music and being legends and not strung out on drugs becuz [sic] I can’t have my band being sick on me becuz [sic] we have worldwide shows for the next 40 years.”

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