Listen to Raury, “Devil’s Whisper”

2015 XXL Freshman and self-described industry plant Raury is back with a new song, “Devil’s Whisper.” The precocious artist opens the song with a chorus of young voice and a folk-nodding guitar line, before breaking into a crisp, clearly sung verse. The verse’s writing is fragmented, then demonstrative, then gives way to series of chanted hooks. Eventually, things come full circle with a crisp rap verse: “My brother, you could probably win in a shit-talking competition.” Later this month, Raury will host the second annual Raurfest, where Big K.R.I.T., Keith Ape, Trinidad James, Two-9, India Shawn, 6lack and more are scheduled to perform. Raury shot to prominence last year with the release of Indigo Child, his first official solo mixtape. The effort garnered the young musician comparisons to such legendary figures as Outkast’s Andre 3000 for his ability to meld genres and to evoke socially-conscious messages in his music.

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