The Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Supports Kanye West’s Glastonbury Performance



For some reason, Kanye West has a lot of opposition for his upcoming headlining show at Britain’s annual Glastobury Festival. A petition has been started by salty concertgoers who claim Yeezy is an “insult to music fans all over the world.” It has received over 100,000 signatures. Organizer Emily Eavis, who, along with her father Michael handle the booking, has even received death threats because of West’s slated performance, so you know it’s real.

Despite all the tomfoolery, the show will go on with Eavis in full support of Ye’s show. “Ultimately, there is no question in my mind that we have got one of the greatest artists of his generation headlining, and we have no regrets at all about booking him,” she said.

Now, the Foo Fighters’ David Grohl is adding his support for West. The punk rock band will be co-headlining the huge outdoor event along with West, and Grohl believes the “All Day” rapper’s set will be a success. “You’ve got more attention on that Saturday night set from Kanye than maybe anything else,” Grohl told The Sun.

“He could walk out there and have 100,000 people bottle him on stage, or he could walk out there and show the world that nothing else matters except for that moment,” he added. “I’m sure that is what he will do. To me, there is nothing more punk rock than having [Kanye West] stand on stage in front of 100,000 people after thousands of people petitioned for him to not be there.”

Glastonbury Festival goes down June 24-28.

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