Sexual Assault Accuser Claims Tyga Won’t Pay Up

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“Make It Nasty” was one of the songs that jump started Tyga’s career, but at this point one must ask, was it all worth it? The video for the song has been marred with multiple lawsuits of which T. Raww is still dealing with to this day, apparently. According to TMZ, the Cali rapper is being accused to failing to ante up all the money in an out of court settlement for one of the women who claims she was sexually assaulted at the shoot.

Allison Brown sued Tyga back in 2013 claiming some wild stuff went down during the November 2011 videos shoot. She claims when she arrived at the Hollywood Hills mansion where the video was being taped producers began to give her alcohol even though she wasn’t legal drinking age at the time. She went on to allege that she was groped by a man in a rabbit suit and another man grabbed her breasts. She also claimed, like the two other women who have filed suit against the rapper behind the video, that she was convinced to dance topless and assured her breasts would be edited out.

Brown sued the Yong Money rapper for sexual battery as well as fraud, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress. The case was reportedly settled out of court earlier this year with attorneys agreeing Tyga would cough up $50,000. But Kylie’s man has only paid half the amount, to date. Brown recently filed court documents requesting that a judge force Tyga to pay the balance plus extra for her inconvenience.

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