Listen to Chuck Inglish’s “2003″ ft. Grey Sweatpants

Things that happened in 2003: The Iraq War began with the invasion by American and allied forces, LeBron James was a rookie for the Cavs, and Apple launched the iTunes store. If you’re getting a little nostalgic, bump some new Chuck Inglish in the stereo while you go down memory lane. The production also comes courtesy of the Chicago native and L.A. transplant in the form of booming bass and crisp drums. Helping out with the heap of throwback references is Grey Sweatpants emcee, Chachi Pajamas (FKA Wanderlei Duzer). You may remember Chachi as half of the former duo of the same name. But now Grey Sweatpants is composed of Duzer, his engineer, and videographer/graphic designer. In his words, they are the “modern day Eric B. and Rakim” with him as the only rapper.

Look out for a lot more music from Chuck as well as Grey Sweatpants this year.

Bryan Hahn has been on his ’03 and burning mix CD’s for his friends till this day. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).