Ex-Fiancé of Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal Made Rap Songs About Their Love


The Rachel Dolezal story is quite frankly the most fascinating news of 2015 so far. Today, it just got more strange. Her ex-fiancé, Maurice Turner, made a rap song titled “For the Rest of My Life” in 2013 to celebrate their marriage. He also made another song previously before that titled “Dreamgirl Slideshow” in 2012. On ”For the Rest of My Life” the former lover raps, “I never thought it would be/More than a magical fantasy/The goddess of love falling head over heels for me/Coming here to set me free/Its no doubt that  your my destiny?/This player is out of the game.” The four minute ode to Dolezal was discovered through Facebook after some fans dug up the audio. You can listen to both songs below.

If you don’t know the story behind Rachel Dolezal, here’s a quick run down. The president of the Spokane NAACP—who is a white woman—was posing as black person for years. Her parents revealed the news to local media outlets Thursday (June 11) and said that their daughter’s heritage is Czech, Swedish, and German. Her interview with with KXLY 4 quickly went viral after she failed to “understand” being asked if she was African American.

The hip-hop community reacted to the news of Ms. Dolezal and couldn’t believe this was a real story. Social media then proceeded to go off on Rachel Dolezal, using the has tag #AskRachel as the launching-pad to fire off as many jokes and memes as possible. However the The national NAACP said today that it stands by Dolezal.

Will this story get any crazier? Probably so. Rachel Dolezal has yet to speak publicly about the situation.

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