Listen to A$ton Matthews and Bodega Bamz, “Window Paint”

Latino rap is alive and well thanks to A$ton Matthews and Bodega Bamz. Brought together by A$AP Yams before he passed, Bamz and Chapovelli make their fallen friend proud by spitting greasy all over the Jordan Granados production. Matthews kicks things off with his usual G-shit and flows effortlessly all over the beat with his distinct voice and well-timed vocal tics. After the chorus, A$ton sets the table for Bamz to come in and lay slaughter over the track. Complementing Matthews West Coast twang with his gruff delivery, Bodega equals the ferocity of his counterpart’s first verse with bars of his own. This isn’t the first time these two have linked up on wax. Most recently the two traded bars on Bamz’s Sidewalk Exec album, and much like “Window Paint,” the results were fire. Hopefully the streets will get a joint mixtape soon. Check out “Window Paint” above.

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