Vic Mensa and Kanye West Clash With Police in “U Mad” Video

The video for Vic Mensa’s “U Mad” featuring Kanye West is finally here.

Directed by Grant Singer, the beginning of the video makes Vic appear like he’s the son of the devil, with his spiked hair, sparks flying in the background and red lighting. It transitions to him in a black straight jacket with workers in the back doing construction and a red floor that looks like a pool of blood. Mensa’s crew Savemoney is behind him a la ‘Ye’s “All Day” performance at The 2015 BRITS, wild and rambunctious minus the fire. Mensa stars in the video, showcasing his personality and creativity. Kanye’s scenes in the visual are very big homie-esque, standing side-by-side with fellow Chicagoan like a papa bear over his cub while he hunts. The last scene hits home with police officers in riot gear clashing head on with Vic’s crew.

No word on when Vic’s next project, Traffic, will drop. He did say the next single is probably a song that will call “Rage,” which he says Beyoncé loves. Watch “U Mad” above.

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