The Game Turns Himself in to Police

The Game

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The Game turned himself in to police after a warrant was issued for his arrest for allegedly threatening to kill an opponent during a basketball game. The warrant was issued last week after the West Coast native was charged with one felony count of making criminal threats. TMZ reports that the rapper surrendered to LAPD earlier today and was released 54 minutes later once he posted his $50,000 bail.

He posted an Instagram message before he turned himself in (see below).

#FineNiggaFriday relaxing in the sauna before I turn myself in….. But what you gone do when you get outta jail… I'm gonna have some fun.. 1st #ImGoingGroceryShopping #iAintTalkinNoFoodEither #ImEatinTheBooty #CleanUpOnisle13bootyeatinassnigga #ImGoneEatTheBootySoGoodYoToenailPolishGoneChangeColors #EatItSoGoodYourManicuristGoneHaveAOrgasmAtHerHouse #ThenWashMyTongue5TimesWithListerineAndSlowstrokeThatPearlTongue #MakeYaToesCurlSoHardItsGoneLookLikeYouTrynaClimbAFence #AndStopSquirming #StayYoAssStill #WithYoThighsInTheHeadlockSoYouCantEscape #TalkinAllThatShitNowYouWannaWiggleAway #LayYoAssHereAndGetLickedTilTheNBAChampionshipSeriesOver #ifIcantMakeYouCum7timesitDontCount #fuckYouMeanYouCantTakeItNoMore #LayYoAssDownAndStayStillOrYouAintGettinThisDick #AndWhenIClimbUpAndStartLickinYourStomachTiliGetToYourChin #AndOnceIGetThereAndYouFeelThatDickSlideIn #PutTheHeelsOfYourFeetOnMyCalvesAndPullMeInTilYouFeelMeInYourSoul #Yea #illDoThatForYou #WhenIGetOutOfJail #WaitForMe #DropsMic

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After he was released, he posted another picture of himself outside the police station with the caption, “waiting on my Uber.”

Waiting on my uber 🚗🏃🏾….🚓lol #WinnersCircle

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The charge stems from an incident at a March pro-am basketball game, where Game got into a dispute with another player, who just so happened to be an off-duty LAPD officer. After an argument broke out, Game punched the rookie officer, named Onyebuchi Awaji. The rapper has repeatedly denied making any threats to Awaji and claims that it was the officer who threatened to retrieve a gun from his gym bag. You can watch video from the incident below.

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