Check Out Rico Love’s Debut Album ‘Turn the Lights On’

Check out the R&B singer’s debut studio album TTLO or “Turn The Lights On.”

The singer behind “They Don’t Know” has finally released his debut studio album TTLO and is ready to bring his music to the forefront after working behind-the-scenes in the industry for so many years. The album tackles topics such as infidelity, wealth, vulnerability, responsibility and of course love. Released in late May, TTLO features Love’s signature love ballads mixed with soft melodic beats as well as a little southern trap that uniquely contrasts Love’s lyrics and delivery. One surprising track from the album is “Ride” which production-wise goes from a symphony to a straight up trap track, almost verging on drill. Producers who worked on the album include Danja, Jim Johnson, Jack Splash and DJ Dahi as well as an entire orchestra. Love kept features to minimum including Action BronsonRaekwon, Monica and a female rapper, Armani Ceasar. The album is now available on iTunes.

-Nishat Baig