Check Out the Epic Official Cover of Amber Rose’s New Book

Amber Rose recently unveiled the new cover for her upcoming book How To Be A Bad Bitch and it’s a sight to behold. Unlike the original cover where Rose stands looking stoic, the vixen has ramped up the wow factor for the latest edition. She poses almost naked while holding a bow-and-arrow in front of the backdrop of a rocky seashore. The cover was shot by David LaChapelle

Last month XXL chopped it up with the blonde bombshell and she revealed details about the upcoming hardcover. “It’s not [about] being a bitch at all or a mean person, it’s being super nice, compassionate, well-spoken, financially stable, learning from your mistakes in life and growing,” said Rose of the controversial title. “It’s definitely all the mistakes I’ve made in life; I do get very personal in my book. Just being on that path of being better.”

The former Mrs. Khalifa said the book will be a mix of advice and sharing thoughts on issues from her past. “I definitely have stories in there from my life, absolutely,” she said. “I have a lot of stories in there and then also advice. I don’t have everything figured out, I’m still learning as I go also. I definitely learned a lot from my mistakes, so it’s me giving these girls a heads up before they make the same mistakes.”

How To Be A Bad Bitch hits shelves October 27.

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