Kevin Durant Stars in Weirdest Commercial You’ve Ever Seen him In

There’s no way KD was high when he shot this, internet *side-eye*

Kevin Durant has somehow, in the midst of one of the most compelling NBA Finals in NBA history, managed to make headlines on several occasions. Last week, as he piled into his SUV, what looked like a bit of medical marijuana came tumbling out of the backseat, and it was quickly snatched up by a member of his entourage, but not before TMZ cameras got a hold of it.

This new bit of news comes on the night of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, thanks to a brand new Sonic commercial starring their biggest brand ambassador, KD. The commercial kicks off with Durant finding himself immerse in what looks like a high pressure in-game situation, and playing a tug-of-war with his conscience, which would much rather daydream about a Jolly Rancher-flavored Sonic delicacy than deliver a basket. Needless to say, his conscience takes over, and it’s one of the weirder athlete-related commercials you’ll ever see. It’s certainly way left of Durant’s other popular TV spot.

Watch the commercial above.