#FridayFire | Lex Lavo Premieres His Latest Project “The Voice”

lavo 2


Another win for El Barrio huh?  Allow us to introduce you to Lex Lavo, a 25 year old emcee, who was born and raised in Spanish Harlem.  The game has immensely changed since “The Golden Era of rap”.  In many cases, for the worse, and in others, its just renewed with time.  Growing up in the mecca of hip-hop, beyond any doubt, Lavo is up on what’s expected from him as an artist on the come up in such an aggressive industry.  With this being his 4th project, on The Voice, he exhibits savvy rhymes, while embodying his Puerto Rican culture. With no remorse, Lex delivers bars about real ish and no love for the phony cats with their illusive street tales.  He expresses that

this project’s been in the works for three years.  It took this long because I needed to do a little more living so that my fans and audience can really relate to me as a person, the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through, from my block getting indicted, to baby momma drama, haters, and dealing with real and fake n*ggas.

Whether he rocks solo on a record, or with exceptional features from Dave EastDanseGorilla Nems, and Jae Tips, as well as tight production, I’m pretty sure you’ll find this to be an impressive body of work.

Give it a listen below, and share your opinions with us.

He goes by @LexLavo on all social media

On Twitter and IG, I be: @Evie_Blanco