A Preview Of ‘Power’ Season 2

“Power” Season two picks up right where it left off: James “Ghost” St. Patrick doubling down on his drug business to save his nightclub and dream of a legitimate future.

Ghost’s work troubles pale in comparison to juggling his relationship with his wife, Tasha, and his first love, Angela, who’s also an Assistant US Attorney investigating his drug organization. Ghost is set further back from his dream by his business partner, Tommy, who loves the drug game, and his former mentor, Kanan, fresh out of jail and looking for revenge. Season two has Ghost in a race against himself: Can he get out of the drug game alive before Angela discovers who he is? “Power” premieres on Saturday, June 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz

The U.S. premiere celebration of the show was held in New York at Best Buy Theater. The entire cast was in attendance including 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp Agboh, Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren, La La Anthony, Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora, Sinqua Walls, Adam Huss, and more! After the screening G Unit, Jeremih, Joe, Troy Ave, Rotimi Akinosho and Elle Vaner treated guests to an incredible performance. We got a sneak peak of season two. Read what the cast had to say below:

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Exec. producer/”Kanan”

Q: What was the mental transition like from Get Rich or Die Tryin’ the album 50 cent, to executive producer of Power.

I had no idea what was going on during that project. Coming right out of the neighborhood I only knew the information I acquired about marketing on my own; like being able trick the bootleggers into thinking they stole my CDs so they could distribute it for me. At this point it’s no longer necessary. The artist that hands you his mixtape, he doesn’t know he handed you that because of me. If that mixtape is in song format and has a chorus, he’s following what I did. When the success of Get Rich or Die Trying turns into the largest debuting hip-hop album, he’s going in the right direction obviously. If you look at Puffy’s career you would accredit the remix to him. He played hit music from his mother’s [time] with Biggie, Mase and other artists under those loops, he just paid the licensing rights. Now the remix is common. With YouTube and all of this now I would have been shooting it and not been caring about trying to get anybody to distribute it. We live in a different time and people consume music differently. It’s a menace to society. You get hit records by accident like “caught a body about a week ago”.

Omari Hardwick “Ghost”

Q:Ghost is a multi-dimensional character. Can you describe your actors process for getting into that role?

A:I am not a good enough actor I would say to fully grab all of those dimensions. Translation, a lot of those dimensions are in me. I’m an ex-ballplayer whose a poet, an actor, whose a father and whose [also] got a temper. And so maybe pushing those buttons that are in me and just making sure I push them without any apology and fully go there. The writing helps obviously, Courtney Kemp Agboh our show’s creator, and the writers have given me this sort of canvas to paint those colors on. I’m obviously not a killer or a drug dealer in real life, so the process of wearing those hats becomes one of just doing research. Looking at other drug kingpins that have sort of been that and figure out how they’ve done what they’ve done. I read a lot; so reading a lot about Shakespearean characters that have gone from up to down and back up is probably my process.
Q:Can you describe the show in three words?

A: Sexy, dangerous and refreshing!


Rotimi Akinosho “Dre”

Q: You have a musical background; should we be expecting to see that in the future?

A: Of course! I’m actually performing tonight with 50 [cent]. My single “Lotto” is coming out tonight [June 2]. I work with him [50 cent] on the show, I’m his right hand man. How Ghost has Tommy, 50 has me. We have that background now musically and acting wise.

Q: Will we see a lot more from you in the acting world right now and less music? What should we be looking forward to right now?

A: Both! My dream is to basically take over both and that’s what we are going to do!

Q: Describe the show in three words.

A: Choices, surprises, and best!

Lela Loren “Angela”

Q: What can viewers expect from your character Angela this season?

A: Oh there is going to be a lot more lovin, there is going to be some violence and a lot of consequences for the decisions that she made in season 1.

Q: Describe the show in three words.

A: Sexy, brash and dangerous!

Lucy Walters “Holly”

Q: Can you describe the show in three words,

A: Gritty, authentic, and smart!

Q: You and Tommy have a really interesting type of relationship, what is the most challenging part about getting in to that kind of role?

A: She [Holly] is just so comfortable with herself physically and I’ve been trying to inhabit that and inhabit my own ferocity as a human. I think that Lucy Walters is a little bit more meek than Holly is. But I love that about Holly and I’ve been trying to get in touch with my own awesomeness.

Luis Antonio Ramos “Carlos ‘Vibora’ Ruiz”

I love The Source! I love the cover with Big Pun; I bought it and still have it at home. May he rest in peace.

Q: Your character goes through a really traumatic experience, what was it like having to play such a dramatic role?

A: I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve done a lot of film and tv, so I knew it was coming. I knew I would have to be in a certain mindset, so there was a little bit of preparation that I had to go through to get there. It’s funny how I’ve talked to several people and they all remember him being stabbed, but they don’t remember he recovered because it was very dramatic. I think all of us went “oh my gosh he got stabbed”. We will see how it all evolves.