The Upside Of Social Media

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.13.09 AM“The evolution from simply surfing the internet on a computer to consuming content on mobile phones has put a growing emphasis on social media. And, the pressure to be “good” at social media has never been stronger.


Guest post written by Melinda Lewis of ScatterRadio.

From bands to brands, everyone is counting their followers, engaging in conversations with fans, making promo videos and posting selfies. Your audience may be inundated with the same messages from different people and the quest to stand out oftentimes seems like an uphill battle.


Instead of focusing on the quantity of followers or quantity of tweets, updates, or posts, cultivating quality will have you feeling like you’ve accomplished something that is more authentic. The bright side of social media is that focusing on connecting directly with fans can make a big difference in how your fans interact with you. Instead of generic and superficial messages or posts all about your album or shows, here are three ways to focus on the bright side of connecting to your fans through social media:

1) Donate Tickets To A Charity For A Giveaway: If you want more people to come to your shows and get new fans, reaching out to a local charity via Twitter or Facebook is an easy way to expand your reach. Some charities have events or auctions where your tickets can be included as one of the prizes. Other charities may promote a giveaway directly to their donors. Either way, making a connection to a new audience is made easier through social media! 

Images2) Send Personal Messages to 10 Fans a Day: For those fans who have written you an email or DM, remember to respond to them with a personalized reply. The followers on Twitter or Facebook friends also are candidates for a short, personal message. Another idea is to personally invite these fans to a live interview (see number 3).

3) Give a Live Interview: Directly talking with your fans and taking their questions can lead to greater fan loyalty. Further, a live interview has the potential to create a buzz on social media – both before and after the interview. There are plenty of options out there including Google Hangouts and, where setting a day and a time for an interview is easy. Promoting this ahead of time is recommended and making the recorded interview available is also suggested. Additionally, playing or singing during the interview, talking about your inspiration and telling a good story are ways to be unforgettable.

By putting these three ideas into action, your connection to fans both old and new has the potential to be stronger. Also, by focusing on the bright side of social media your band may save time and energy by emphasizing quality rather than quantity.”