Snoop Dogg Re-Posts Instagram Meme That Calls Caitlyn Jenner a “Science Project”

News flash. @akon 👊🌟✨🙏💦💦 tune in to ggn for some real news.

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Though his days as one of the rap world’s go-to crooners are, for the most part, over, Akon is putting his money and fame to good use. The singer recently spoke before a United Nations panel about Solektra, his initiative to bring solar power–and, with it, thousands of jobs–to sub-Saharan Africa. It’s an admirable pursuit, one that should earn Akon praise by any measure. Unfortunately, there’s an image floating around Instagram that pits Solektra against the media attention given to Caitlyn Jenner and her gender transition, as depicted on the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair. The image, it seems, has been re-posted by Snoop Dogg, after already being posted (and deleted) by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith. Superproducer Timbaland has already come under fire for posting another meme about the one-time Olympic gold medalist. The one he chose to post read, “His momma named him Brice, I’ma call him Bruce,” a reference to the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America. Timbaland went on to claim that he meant no disrespect to Jenner. Has no one learned from Plies?

Ain’t No Bruce Bihhhh….. #Plies #DaLastRealNiggaLeft

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