Sepp Blatter Resigns As FIFA President

The wicked twist to one of the biggest scandal in news today….Another red card being handed to FIFA

The sports and political world was hit with some major news as it is looking like FIFA is having issues calming the storm down with their latest debacle.
Just days after being re elected as FIFA president, Joseph Sepp Blatte decided to resigned from the position. Due to the recent arrests of 14 soccer officials performing activities that will charged them with money laundering, bribery and corruption, Blatter has decided to step down in which some considered to be extremely odd of the timing of when he did this. The Department of Justice did some more investigation into the scandal and discovered that former vice president Jack Warner received $10 million dollars in bribery money from FIFA’s swiss bank in 2008. Investigators believed that secretary general Jerome Valcke was the individual who signed off on this transaction.


Check out Blatter’s speech as he says bye bye to the position he held down for 17 years.

Omari White

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