YouTube Brings 60fps Video Streams To Its Android And iOS Apps – TechCrunch


YouTube Brings 60fps Video Streams To Its Android And iOS Apps
Over the last few months, Google's YouTube launched both 60fps video on the desktop and — later — for live video streams. Starting today, you can also watch the service's smooth 60fps videos in its iOS and Android apps. Given that these video streams …
YouTube for Android and iOS now supports 60fps videoVentureBeat

Google To Give YouTube Creators A Slew Of New Revenue Making FeaturesSTGIST
YouTube to Add Features for Creators and
Phone Arena –Android Headlines – Android News –Engadget
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Mark Zuckerberg: The future of Facebook is telepathy – CNNMoney


Mark Zuckerberg: The future of Facebook is telepathy
The social network's founder and CEO believes that one day, we'll be able to share our thoughts directly — brain to brain — using technology. "You'll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if
Mark Zuckerberg and Stephen Hawking just had the most awe-inspiring Washington Post (blog)

Bits | Zuckerberg Takes Questions in Facebook Session Marred by Tech TroublesNew York Times (blog)
Mark Zuckerberg Finally Weighed in on Facebook's “Real Name” ProblemGizmodo –TechCrunch –Fast Company
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Listen to DJ Holiday Feat. French Montata, Wale and Problem, “Let Me At Em”

God bless the mixtape. As he continues to tease his newest compilation, DJ Holiday taps Compton menace Problem, DC’s mainstream hope, Wale, and French Montana, America’s favorite social climber. The resultant track, “Let Me At Em,” skews toward the left side of the map, owing to DJ Mustard’s recent run of radio dominance and his Bay Area forefathers. Drums sound like dropping desks, gin is spilled all over the floor…. Read more »

Deep Below Croatia Lurks a New Species of Centipede – New York Times

New York Times

Deep Below Croatia Lurks a New Species of Centipede
New York Times
The world's deepest-dwelling centipede — found as much as 3,600 feet below the surface — is in Croatia, a new study reports. The centipede was found in three caves in the Velebit mountain range, along the Adriatic Coast. Centipedes are carnivores
Hades, the centipede from hell, found deep below the Earth's surfaceState Column

Say hello to the centipede from hellWashington Post
Hades: You Don't Want This Centipede From Hell Crawling Over YouTech Times
Live Science – –Discovery News
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Kendrick Lamar Takes Aim at Police in “Alright” Video

Kendrick Lamar’s dense, ambitious sophomore album, To Pimp a Butterfly, can be difficult to digest. Influences–G-funk, P-funk, jazz, soul–swirl, political diatribes intersect with one another, poems and interviews with dead rappers cloud your field of vision. But to this point, the singles have painted a much clearer picture. “i” was the celebration, “The Blacker the Berry” the gauntlet, “King Kunta” the intermission for those who haven’t dusted off their DJ Quik… Read more »

Listen to Joell Ortiz, “Lil’ Piggies”

If anyone has been through the industry wringer, it’s Joell Ortiz. In the middle of the last decade, during hip-hop’s ringtone dynasty era, the Brooklyn MC made a name for himself as a gritty, animated realist. He signed to Aftermath when the reverberations of Get Rich or Die Trying were still ringing throughout the industry, then released the independent album The Brick: Bodega Chronicles, which featured guest spots (and implicit co-signs) from Big… Read more »

Geraldo Rivera Blasts Kendrick Lamar’s BET Awards Performance

Right Wing media’s public crusade against hip-hop continues. Following Kendrick Lamar’s powerful performance at the 2015 BET Awards, Geraldo Rivera hopped on Fox News to blast Lamar’s stage time, which featured the rapper rhyming on top of a vandalized cop car. “This is why I say that hip-hop has done more damage to young African-Americans than racism in recent years,” said Rivera. “This is exactly the wrong message.”  This is… Read more »

Internet provider says ‘coordinated attack’ downs services with cut lines – USA TODAY

Sacramento Bee

Internet provider says 'coordinated attack' downs services with cut lines
DENVER – Internet providers suffered disruptions Tuesday in what a West Coast internet provider said appeared to be a coordinated physical attack on three high-capacity "backbone" lines in California. Wave Broadband said three major fiber-optic cables
Cut cable disrupts phone, television service for Sacramento, Rocklin Wave Sacramento Bee

Wave: Major Fiber Cables Cut In 'Coordinated Attack'CBS Local
"Coordinated attack" leaves Rocklin residents, businesses without broadbandPress Tribune Newspaper
Auburn Journal –Daily Democrat –FOX40
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Listen to J.R. Feat. Trey Songz, “Best Friend”

Trey Songz is a controlled substance and should be doled out very carefully. His turn on J.R.’s “Best Friend” is predictably on-brand, the perfect chemical balance of sleaze and sincerity, honesty and innuendo, pineapple and vodka. Fresh off of tour with Songz and Chris Brown, the upstart from St. Louis blends his brand of R&B with the window dressings of some of today’s rap hits–think Future or Fetty Wap, formatted… Read more »