Watch Lil B Spread His Based Knowledge to Students at UCLA

Lil B is like the modern day rap version of Ghandi, spreading his love and worldly knowledge across the country on his now must-see lecture circuit. With prestigious institutions of higher learning like New York University, Carnegie Mellon, Virginia Tech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under his belt, it was time to take his talents back to the left coast. On Thursday (May 28), the Based God was at the University of California Los Angeles where he gave speech to students at the school’s Ackerman Grand Ballroom.

A clearly chipper B kicked off the session with a nugget of knowledge from his Based bible exclusively for the students on hand. “It’s an honor to be you, so make sure you care,” he said to the amazement and agreement of the students who piled into the venue to watch Lil B cook. The curse wielding MC spoke for over an hour, downloading important thoughts on money, government and individualism.

There was also this jewel he dropped about the nature of communications. “If somebody spells a word wrong or they say something wrong, it’s my job as a receiver to decipher,” said B. “I’m always working to decipher communication, because sometimes people are embarrassed. Somebody might put you down or something. I can speak for myself: Everybody’s always trying to correct me, my spelling.”

Deep as the abyss.

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