Vince Staples Reveals New Album Cover

Vince Staples

Vince Staples is finally ready to release his debut album Summer Time 06, a month from today. With the June 30 release date looming, the Long Beach MC unveils the cover art for the forthcoming LP, today. Revealed via HipHopNMore, Staples keeps it very simple with the cover art choosing what appears to be a black-and-white painting of cresting waves from an above vantage point. There’s no title on the packaging, and the rapper’s name is not displayed anywhere.

Earlier this month, Staples dropped the single from the upcoming album “Senorita” followed shortly by the video. Vince just finished a stint on the Earl Sweatshirt’s Not Ready To Leave Tour. His last offering, the stirring West Coast gangsta rap EP Hell Can Wait dropped last October and was a progressive step in lyricism and story telling for the 21-year-old Cali spitta.

XXL recently caught up with VS and he revealed the focus for his upcoming debut. “It’s a step up from the last project,” said the young MC. “I’m trying to do something different so we’re in the studio just working hard on it…But 2015 is the official year and we have good people behind the project. That’s all we know so far but we’re not gonna rush it. Just gonna take our time and give the people good quality music.”

Summer Time ’06 will drop via Blacksmith/Artium/Def Jam.

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