This Really Happened: Man Shoots Swordfish. Swordfish Kills Man

Nature strikes back. Hard

A 47-year old fisherman, Captain Randy Llanes, is dead after an extremely unfortunate run-in with a vengeful swordfish in Hawaii.

Llanes was in Honokohau Harbor fishing when he jumped into the water after spotting a potential catch: a 6-foot long swordfish. Llanes was as prepared as one can be, it’s not like he tossed a fishing line out. He jumped in with a speargun, prepared to go to work.

Capt. Randy shot the swordfish, and began to reel in his catch, but he wasn’t prepared for what happened next. According to a Hawaii News Now report, the police allege the fish somehow, with the assistance of an anchor, angled around and swam straight towards Llanes, impaling him with its bill. Llanes was already unresponsive when he was pulled from the water, and would later be pronounced dead at Kona Community Hospital.