Many Still Missing In Historic Houston Flood

Over a dozen are confirmed dead and scores still unaccounted for from the Flood in texas over the Memorial Day weekend

At least fifteen people have been killed and there are more missing and unaccounted for as the flood in Houston has swept away entire homes within the city and surrounding states. The Blanco River has proved to be vicious and much more powerful than weather experts could have predicted. On Tuesday, Mayor Annise Parker said 4,000 homes were damaged by the flood. Parker remained calm and optimistic despite the devastating damage and loss incurred.

“The sun is shining out here right now, and the city is slowly getting back to normal, but this is a little bit of a situation of a tale of two cities,” Parker says. “Much of Houston was unaffected by the weather, but the parts that were affected were very severely hit.”

Days of unapologetic rain took its toll on the city. When the storm hit, it was fast, furious and unforgiving. Mike Tolson of Tribune News reported that after hours of rain the bayous rose and streets and highways became impassable. An estimated 750 vehicles were cleared from roadways and taken to city impound lots.

-Abesi Manyando(@abesipr)