‘Poltergeist’ Is An Excellent Remake

They’re hereeeeee

The new movie Poltergeist, is a remake of the classic horror movie Poltergeist, that came out in 1982.  Having the same plot as the older version, this movie follows a family, the Bowens, who move into the suburbs and who are all hopeful that this new house that they are moving into will be the start of something good for them.  However, the house that they have just moved in to is haunted by a bunch of spirits who are angry that their peace has been disturbed.  They take out their anger by haunting this family and abducting the family’s youngest member, Madison.  The spirits take Madison in hopes that she can lead them into eternal slumber and into the light, but in doing so, the Bowens would never see Madison again.  It is with the help of paranormal specialists that they fight against these spirits and try to bring back Madison and keep their family safe.

One thing that is good about this remake is that it sticks to the original plot and does not overdo anything in regards to making this a new age or contemporary horror film.  The original Poltergeist was such a hit and the way that this remake stuck to its roots made it a solid and successful horror film.  Although there were only a few jump scares, what makes this movie terrifying is the concept of spirits haunting you and trying to take you into their realm, and with that concept in mind, it keeps the audience in suspense and at the very edge of their seats.  Also, this film never tried too hard to scare the audience.  Many horror films that have been released recently, have tried very hard to insert as many jump scares which turns it into a gimmicky film.  This Poltergeist remake will be a huge hit and will be sure to scare anyone who goes to see it.

Poltergeist hits theaters on May 22, 2015.


-Vinesh Vora