Not Getting The Media Coverage You Want? Go Get It!

UnknownGetting press coverage should be easy in the digital age, right? WRONG! Check out today’s article to see how not much has changed in the world of Public Relations when it comes to your music career


Today we live in a world where we can do everything ourselves, especially when it comes to the music industry. We can google how to find the right photographer. We can be our own marketers thanks to the power of social media. Because of the amount of knowledge that is at our fingertips, it shouldn’t be difficult to get good media exposure. However, Paina B shares in today’s article that a lot should go into getting great press coverage and that it is not as easy as it seems.

Although we live in the digital age, public relations is still at its core the same business. You still have to do research on what media outlets are best for your brand. You still have to spend a lot of time engaging those contacts to see if they will write about you. You still have to continuously engage with the media to make sure you do get exposure, even if it does not happen at first. For more tips on how to get more press coverage, check out Paina B’s article on

“A lot of times in the music industry you can’t sit and wait on opportunities. You have to go out, find them, and grab them whenever there’s an opportunity. Getting good press falls along the lines of that as well. Network, stay in contact, and support. You can’t go wrong doing these things. You may not receive the responses you want, or at all, right away but keep trying, keep researching, keep reaching out.”

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