50 Cent is Taking Rick Ross to Court Over Ross’ Ex-Girlfriend’s Leaked Sex Tape

Fif vs Rozay is still a thing, and it’s become a legal matter

50 Cent and Rick Ross are still engulfed in as authentic a rap beef as you’ll find in the Twitter Rant era, and it appears that one of their disputes has bubbled over into the courtroom.

According to TMZ, 50 Cent is taking Rick Ross to court to fight claims that he posted Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend’s sex tape, which went viral upon its release. The release of the tape reportedly made Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, contemplate suicide. Ross has a child with Leviston.

Initially, Leviston sued 50 Cent, claiming he was the one that leaked the tape, which played a key role in the heightening of 50 and Rick Ross’ beef, which led to the two rap titans trading insults both in interviews and on records for several years. Leviston claims the man in her sex tape gave the tape to 50 with knowledge that it would embarrass Ross, while 50′s argument hinges on an interview in which Rick Ross claims he himself would upload the tape to the internet.